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Libor Vojkůvka (1947 - 2018) A PHARMACIST

120 x 40,5 cm (h x b)

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Libor Vojkůvka often used natural and exotic motifs and beautiful women in his work. He was fascinated by botany, insects and vertebrates. His paintings are characterized by a high level of sophistication, which the author achieved by carefully layering colors following the pattern of the old masters, whom he greatly looked up to. The composition and individual details are worked out very carefully, first on paper and then on to canvas. They often contain hidden associations of individual elements and memories of Vojkůvka's experiences from numerous exotic trips. The pharmacy from 1991 contains a reference to natural medicine, especially herbalism, which was also the author's passion. A reproduction of the painting is part of the author's calendar from 1993.

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