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Jiří Remo Jelínek (1901 - 1941) COMPOSITION

oil on canvas
65,5 x 50 cm (h x w)
sign. lower right: Jelínek 30

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Jíří "Remo" Jelínek was a member of the important art group Abstraction-Creation, with whom he exhibited successfully and which included artists such as Hans Arp, Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg. He only used the pseudonym "Remo" for a short time. The inseparable Trinity of Remo, Štyrský and Toyen was always looking for new perspectives on the world without prejudice and in favor of modern painting techniques. The composition dates from 1930, when Jiří Jelínek was staying in Paris, socializing with František Foltýn and attending František Kupka's lectures. Jiří Jelínek coined the idea that art should cultivate human vision for correct perception. He saw the value of painting in respecting the optical laws of color pigment. He approached painting with a strong analytical approach and did not underestimate his mission. His textual reflections are also known, where he discussed the essence of painting. The composition is proof of work in the very basics of painting. The color is reserved and unflattering. All colors are applied densely and "constructively" with calmness and care. The combination of the polarity of the transcendental and the dynamic, and the contact with something almost haptic, resonates at the center of the painting. From the opinion of PhDr. Rea Michalová Ph.D: "The presented painting "Composition" is an exclusive item from Jelínek's abstract period (1929-1934), not commonly found on the market, which convincingly fits into the innumerable body of the author's painting work. If the author's first non-objective paintings were influenced by artificialism , further development led him to organic abstraction, inspired by close contact with František Foltýn. Jelínek tackled this issue with extraordinary tenacity and literally scientific exactness. The presented painting "Composition" is a wonderful example of Jelínek's experiments in the field of international abstraction. Here, the painter extremely impressively explores the relations of freed shapes, levitating lines and color tonality, freshly tuned into an emotionally warm harmonious composition."