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Libor Vojkůvka (1947 - 2018) JONAH OR BACK TO THE ROOTS

Oil on canvas
90 x 150 cm (h x w)
Lower right "Libor Vojkůvka 2013"

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Libor Vojkůvka is one of the Czech naive painters and was known mainly for his travel experiences and the peculiar nature of the folk entertainer. His paintings are characterized by a high degree of sophistication, which the author achieved by carefully layering colors following the example of the old masters. At first, he arranged each individual motif very precisely into a canvas format and then started with tiny details, such as specific fish or beetles. It was aquaristics and entomology that was the author's great passion and is reflected in his painting Jonas or back to the roots, where he reflects the revolutionary discovery of the bathyscaphe portrayed by Auguste Piccard. In 1960, batyskaphe descended with his son Jacques Piccard to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, ie to a depth of 11 km. The fantastically colorful to luminous fish that surround Piccarda refer to some existing species of deep-sea fish. The title To the Roots of the Mountains, written by William Morris, is considered a pioneering work in the genre of fantasy novels and, in the hands of Auguste Piccard, represents the crossing of the boundaries of human fantasy through a scientific breakthrough.