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Kolem 1755
gilded and polychromed wood, marble
83 x 123 x 64 cm (h x w x d)

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65 000 CZK
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The richly decorated rococo console table with its dynamic interplay of cartouches, volutes, and rocailles is an extraordinary work, probably by the furniture makers Johann Schnegg and Johann Schleunig, who furnished the interiors of the Bayreuth court. This work is often characterized by colorful polychrome accentuated floral ornaments with a fanciful, almost irrational morphology. The floral motifs with a dominant central cartouche (buds of opening pomegranates, also known as Krauptköpfe) resemble designs by Johann Michael Hoppenhaupt the Elder, who designed the interiors of residences in Berlin and Potsdam for Frederick the Great. The original marble top is made of a red marble known as 'rance de rouge', which is used, for example, in the interior of the main staircase of the Egmont Palace in Brussels and the Palace of Versailles. Excellent preserved condition. A similar rococo console table can be found in the furnishings of the Neues Schloss in Bayreuth or in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum in New York.