Lot 01

Kolem 1490
polychromed wood
108 cm (h)

Starting price
150 000 CZK
   |   6 250 €
Price realized
230 000 CZK
   |   9 583 €
price without premium

The rare late Gothic sculpture of Saint Sebastian with its original polychrome and incarnation comes from the Upper Rhine region. Saint Sebastian was an early Christian martyr who was condemned to death by the Roman Emperor Diocletian for his faith in Christianity. Because Sebastian was shot with several arrows but survived, he was later invoked - beyond his role as patron saint of soldiers - as a protector against the plague. In the offered statue, Sebastian is depicted in an almost dancing pose. His calm expression, with which he faces pain and suffering, provides comfort and hope. The arrows that were used to pierce Sebastian's body are no longer present on the statue.