Adam Eck (1604 - 1664) (attributed) CHEB CABINET

Around 1700
Blackened pear wood, linden, pine, maple, plum
49 x 51,5 x 28 cm (h x w x d)

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Unique and extremely well-crafted cabinet consists of a total of fifteen Cheb inlaid reliefs with allegorical motifs. Cheb marquetry, specific for its plasticity, consists of three types of wood -maple, plum and pear. In addition to depictions of biblical scenes (baptism of Christ, Madonna, Saint Sebastian), the cabinet contains eight reliefs with metaphors of experiences of the human heart (eg cordis vigilia, cordis donation, cordis flores). In the middle is the IHS brand and behind it the relief of St. Sebastian, who is being shot at from inside by Roman soldiers. The ornately engraved door hinges are silver-plated, a total of eight drawers. Cheb marquetry is one of the world's most famous arts and crafts techniques. Original state.