Dušan Jurkovič (1868 - 1947) Girl's Bedroom Set

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A three-piece bedroom set comprising a bed, night stand and dressing table, was designed in 1899 for the Vesna girls' boarding house in Brno. It was made in 1900–1902. The main motif, which unites all three pieces of furniture, is the stylized motif of an open dovetail, which is based on folk architecture. It comprises the headboard of the bed, and in the tables it is part of the support for the tabletop. The furniture is also decorated with carved floral motifs inspired by folk painting and embroidery. This mixture of folk and Ar Nouveau elements make Jurkovič's work unique and exceptional. Oak, original brass mounts, marble. Dimensions: Nightstand 75 x 47 x 45 cm; dressing table 71 x 109 x 66.5 cm; bed 116 x 96 x 203 cm.