Ondřej Oliva (1982) FORBIDDEN FRUIT I

100 x 100 x 100 cm (h x w x d)
Signed: Marked on one part: "Ondřej Oliva 3/6"

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110 000 CZK
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“In my work I try to create visually interesting objects whose shapes are readable even for ordinary viewers. This is also the reason why the topics I choose are based on everyday objects and the things around us; everyone can simply put them in their own experience and standards,” explains contemporary artist Ondřej Oliva, a member of the youngest generation of Czech artists. “Since the beginning of history, the theme of the apple has accompanied man not only as a symbol. Plucking the apple from the tree of knowledge was humankind's original sin. I tried to transpose to today’s world the problem of resisting something special, and various delicacies and desserts represent a ‘forbidden fruit’ for many people. I connected these two meanings into a single unit, with the form of the apple comprising several hundred elements based on the paper cupcake liners used to serve various sweets and desserts.”

Oliva graduated from the sculpture studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he studied under Jaroslav Róna (2005-2010). In municipal competitions he placed second for a fountain design for Černošice (2009) and first for his “meeting point” design for Uherský Brod (2015). His realizations include: Three Sources fountain in front of the train station in Uherský Brod, 2015; Tree of Knowledge in the town of Modrá, 2016; Gravestone for Josef Masopust, Vyšehrad, Prague, 2017;  and Memorial Plaque for Jan Antonín Baťa, Zlín, 2018. His work is represented in the National Gallery in Prague and in private collections in the Czech Republic and abroad.