Project Stillness

Project Stillness

Stillness is the title of a digital artwork by Lukáš Dřevjaný and Jan Sládeček, which captures the viewer and his movement in a chaotic abstract form. The intention of the work is to achieve a sense of calm and reflection in the spectator through aesthetics and interactivity. The more he is able to achieve a state of calm, the calmer his reflection in the artwork will be. The end result of absolute calm is pure reflection.

The Stillness Project combines the artwork with dance, where this role serves as an aestheticized interaction with the work using cinematography. The combination of movement and digital image/mirror is quite common and is not perceived as disparate forms. On the contrary, there is a synergy. The work is intended to encourage the viewer to reflect on their own being and physical form and to perceive the present moment through the imprint of their own physical shell on the virtual environment. Each simple movement tips the balance of the work.

The concept is based on the principles of meditation, where one works with attention on immediate stimuli that one does not so much think about as perceive. This results in a purifying effect. The interactivity of the work simplifies this immediate perception as it is a game. The viewer plays with his own body and its aesthetic digital reflection. Will/thought - movement - reaction.

The project was filmed in the GASK in the baroque apothecary, the dance was performed by Zuzana Buchová. The video was filmed and edited by Seeya Creative studio.

Stillness (2022)
Lukáš Dřevjaný and Jan Sládečko
The Art of the Picture Frame (Arthouse Hejtmánek)
Price upon request