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Thomas Bartholin (1616 - 1680) ANATOME QUARTUM RENOVATA

Period full leather binding, wiped gilded spine
20 x 12,5 x 5 cm (h x w x d)

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36 000 CZK
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Thomas Bartholin was a physician, theologian and mathematician and worked at the Danish royal court. His extensive and detailed anatomy of the human body has long become an unsurpassed source of information in this field. He contributed to the discovery of the lymphatic system, innovated in the field of anesthesia and pathology of human development. The presented edition is unusual even with the large range of illustrative accompaniment that accompanies the dissertation. Engraved frontispiece and 120 copperplate engravings in the text and on the boards, which are in many cases folded, are included. Paper oxidized in places browned, 3 old stamps. As a whole, a well-preserved specimen of 17th century medicine.

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