Lot 52
Antonín Slavíček (1870 - 1910) LANDSCAPE NEAR KAMENIČKY

1903 - 1904
Oil on canvas
48 x 66,5 cm (h x w)
Lower right "A.S."

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850 000 CZK
   |   34 000 €
Price realized
850 000 CZK
   |   34 000 €
price without premium

From the expert opinion of Prof. PhDr. Petr Wittlich, CSc: "A distant view of a gentle bare hill with a transverse entrance and a path, to the left a yellow field with a flock of geese. The sketches and studies are used by artists to obtain building blocks for large canvases in which they humanize nature, where they are fascinated by the motif of the driveway subordinate to the whole image, which is built using simple colored chords. yellow and blue, green and purple and white and black. The shadows in the landscape suggest that it is probably an autumn landscape. The painter seems to illustrate what he wrote in 1903, after moving to Kameničky, A. Gollová: "Even the sun shines on the long hills - it seems to me to shine gloomily. Everything is drowning in the red light, but it's kind of numb and motionless, without joy. They are strange mountain regions." During the sensitive restoration of the painting, interesting pencil notes were discovered on the non-visible side of the supporting frame, proving that the supporting frame was first used as a model for local carpenter Ferdinand Sokol to make about five or seven other blind frames, which he has "to send to the parish in Kameničky with a bill".Slavíček is known to be friends and corresponded with the parish priest Jan Selichar from Kameničkov, so this address is also completely trustworthy. " The ascending path, on which human staff then begins to appear, human destiny in the confrontational connection of the earth and the cloudy sky will become a focal point of his very mature landscape paintings.

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