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1510 - 1518
Period half parchment binding
22 x 16 x 6 cm (h x w x d)

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rare collection of 4 post-incunable editions of works by classical authors by two important book printers. Very rich small period marginals directly in the text and on the edges in sepia and black ink, ownership and library notes on the combs and the last sheet verso. Wide leaf edges, extensions missing. Period semi-parchment early renaissance blind-print binding on 3 original ligaments over wooden boards. "IVVENA" embossed on the upper left, library labels on the spine.

Contains: Juvenalis. Satyra prima (- sextadecima). Köln et al., H. Quentell, 1510, 75 no. leaves. Cicero, M. T. Rhetoricorum libri quatuor ad herennium. De inventione libri duo, 111 roman numeral. leaves. Cicero, M. T. Tusculanarum quaestionum libri quinq (ue). Strasbourg, 83 Roman numerals. leaves. Plinius Secundus, G. Epistolarum libri decem, in quibus multae habentur epistolae non ante impressae, 116 romsky cis. leaves.