Lot 116
Pavel Janák (1882 - 1956) A CUBIST TEA AND COFFEE SERVICE

návrh 1911
white-sparse porous material, white and black glaze

Starting price
180 000 CZK
   |   7 347 €
Price realized
750 000 CZK
   |   30 612 €
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The famous cubist service designed by the Czech architect and designer Pavel Janák was made by Graniton, Rydl and Thon, Svijany-Podolí. The offered complete ten-piece set of soft stoneware in excellent preserved condition was designed for the Artěl production cooperative. It is a type with white glaze and black line. It includes 6 cups and saucers, a sugar bowl (height 8,5 cm), a milk jug and a tea and coffee pot with lids (height 12 cm). Conical shape, faceted shell with 12 facets, black tabs are in the shape of balls. The same Janak's model of the service was exhibited at the 1976 exhibition in Tokyo. Marked underneath: Artěl. Lit.: Hořava J., Artěl, Graniton - Artistic and utilitarian ceramics 1907-1928, p. 74, black and white picture of the same service.