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Josef Šíma (1891 - 1971) LA PARISIENNE

Pen, watercolour, paper
102 x 69 cm (h x w)
Lower right "Šíma 1928"

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The work La Parisienne is an original, expressively typical and artistically extremely noble work of Josef Šíma, an author who is one of the greatest personalities who determined the form of twentieth-century European art. Although he settled permanently in France at the age of thirty, he never lost contact with the Czech environment. He combines the Czech and French cultural scene with his work and life. Šíma's paintings are an expression of contemplation and spiritual depth, they capture the permeation and intertwining of sensory experiences and at the same time they are a reflection of the lower layers of the human psyche. The judged drawing "Parisian", refined by its simplicity and a hint of mystery, captures the dreamy facial expression and the fragility of female glamor in a few gentle strokes. The effect of the subtle line, sometimes reinforced in the mouth, part of the décolleté or typically accumulated in a tuft of hair, completes and balances the delicate coloristic intervention with an almost transparent watercolor. "