01. 09. 2019 - 13. 10. 2019

In the autumn of 2019 (20. 9. - 13. 10.) Arthouse Hejtmánek will present an exhibition from the extensive estate comprising a selection from all stages of Veris’s oeuvre, including the artist’s drawings and illustrations. A book about Jaroslav Veris containing an ample illustrated supplement will be published for the exhibition.


Jaroslav Veris (1900-1983)

Born Jaroslav Zamazal, he was a student at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts and studied under professors Preisler, Nechleba and Krattner. During the interwar period he lived in France and Bohemia. In his extensive oeuvre he developed his own particular, easily recognizable painterly expression, recognizable at first glimpse. His technique was complex; one area of the painting would be left to random chance. Veris painted in the style of the Old Dutch and Italian Masters, using their methods to mix colors and apply paint and even adding patina to the surface. He advanced to French-style Impressionist portraiture and Neoclassical smooth painting. His drawings are exceptional for the delicate precision with which they were executed. After the war he settled in Bohemia, where he focused on costume and stage design and sculpture.