Passed auction
10. 12. 2019  |  18:00

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our Evening Auction for contributing to the atmosphere at this exceptional event.

Several artists broke their auction records at Arthouse Hejtmánek’s Evening Auction, including the closely-watched Václav Špála painting Bathing (1915), which soared to CZK 10,540,000 (including buyer’s premium). Another record was broken by KvětaVálová and her painting Four Against All (1968), rising to a remarkable CZK 2,480,000. Slovak artist Milan Paštéka’sAt the Table realized a record CZK 744,000, including buyer’s premium.

A fierce battle again broke out over boxes from the Talashkino workshop, with prices closing at CZK 682,000 and CZK 210,800. Bidders in the hall faced off against telephone bidders over VlastislavHofman’s Cubist vases. The hammer came down at CZK 384,400 and CZK 868,000, including buyer’s premium.