Milan Antonín Beránek (1936 - 2019) PAIN

34 x 57 x 28 cm (h x w x d)

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Bronze, based on an original smaller clay model. Milan Beránek is a Czech sculptor, painter and poet whose work forged a distinctive line of art in the second half of the 20th century. Although a prolific artist, his oeuvre was not exhibited as a whole until 2017. At various group and solo exhibitions, only a fragment or select theme could be viewed. Seen as a whole, his work testifies to important aspects not only in art history, but also in social and political developments at the time. In addition to sculptures, his oeuvre includes numerous diaries and notes. Describing "Pain", Beránek explains, "The bowed head, severe pain and suffering, continues to fall, focusing on his immediate surroundings. Arms have disappeared entirely because they no longer have a reason to exist. There is no one to stroke, no one whose hand could lift the body from this depth of human grief. In the body there are large gaps; people's cruelty and inner grief bear visible signs in their expression. Like a cruel joke, the legs are very long and strong and could easily cover any human distance, but any step they take on this Earth is meaningless. They are obedient in their inactivity, feet close together seeming to understand that there is no reason to walk, there is no one who would await them and happily welcome them with a smile." Ref.: Milan Beránek exhibition catalogue, Arthouse Hejtmánek, 2017, p. 26.