Anonym PIETÀ

Last third of 18th century
Woodcut, remnants of polychrome, patina, lacquer
26 x 17 cm (h x w)

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This small wood carving portrays the Virgin Mary seated with Christ’s body in her lap, his head to her left side. The rather unusual composition is based on the placement of Mary with her right side towards the viewer, the head of Jesus and his lifeless hands held in her lap. Here the body lies on the platform created by a low volute base, which is decorated with a seashell and cartouches with latticework. Mary slightly leans to her left side, her head covered by a shroud.  This sculpture in the round has simple carved features on the back. The surface is marked by small relief areas bearing the original polychrome, exposed wood and a unifying patina. Certified for export. Good condition; previously affected by woodworm, with losses primarily present on the base.