Ferdinand Maximilián Brokoff (1688 - 1731) (attributed) THE BAPTISM OF CHRIST

First quarter of 18th century
94 cm (h)

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This dynamic pyramid-shaped composition shows the figures of Jesus and John the Baptist with a rocky bluff behind them and the Lord above them, resting on a sphere. The exquisite interconnection of figures and natural formations are oriented primarily for a front view; the hollowed-out rear indicates that this is not necessarily a Baptism group intended for interiors. The detailed work leads one to believe that it was probably a model for a sculpture that was not realized. The picturesque meticulous carving of the heads of the Lord and Jesus show some qualities that are comparable with the work of Ferdinand Maxmilian Brokoff, such as the head of Jesus lying in the grave in the Church of St Castulus, col. 1716. Provenance: The work comes from the collection of important Czech sculptor Josef Drahoňovský. Expert assessment: Mgr. Petr Bašta, director of the Loreta in Prague and an expert in Baroque sculpture.