Kristina Vašíčková (1980) OTA

Polyester resin, mica, plaster, oil paint, turquoise
230 cm (h)

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80 000 CZK
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The work of the sculptor and graphic artist Kristina Vašíčková is represented by characters and torsos, whose gestures she defines with rigid or, on the contrary, significantly affected positions. The author uses their raw surface not only to reflect and express feelings of inner tension and frustration, but also to reflect their interest in experiments with materials and unconventional ways of working. She adds foreign elements to the internal structure of objects, typical is also the use of waste materials. Coloring of castings of epoxy sculptures underline the concentrated, introverted nature of female figures. OTA, with its inactive and harmonious appearance, evokes peace, and her body creates the proverbial empty vessel through which the Tao flows.