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1660 a 1672
32 x 21 x 3 cm (h x b x t)

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Ercker, L. Aula subterranea ... das ist Unterirdische Hofhaltung ... oder Gründliche Beschreibung derjenigen Sachen, so in der Tieffe der Erden wachsen... Bound: Berward, C. Interpres phraseologie metallurgicae. Numerous text woodcuts, initials, marginalia, lines, end vignettes, index. After Agricola, the second important work on the beginnings of rock mining and their metallurgical processing. The binder with its own title page is a dictionary of terms. Löhneyss, G.E. out. Bericht vom Bergwerck, wie man dieselben bawen und in guten wolstande bringen sol ... No place, no publisher, 1660. Title borne by putti in a decorative copper engraving with illustrative scenes of mining life. Most of the run of the 1st edition from 1617 was destroyed during the Thirty Years' War. In addition to the largely adopted descriptions of Agricola and Ercker, the main contribution here is the passage on the economic aspects of mining.