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Libor Vojkůvka (1947 - 2018) ON THE AIR

100 x 150 cm (h x b)

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According to many sources, Libor Vojkůvka would be classified as a naive painter. But he didn't think so himself. He said that the things he paints are completely real, even if he gives them a soul in his own way. He considered music to be his great passion, and it is repeated as a motif in several of the author's paintings. In addition to painting, he also lived as an adventurer and researcher. He enjoyed crawling through the jungle, looking at bugs, parrots and plant leaves to project them into his paintings. He laid out the motifs very carefully, he painted the chameleon in the upper right corner for the whole month. Behind each painting, he saw a bit of his next journey, the smell of acacia wood, and thus exchanged the creatures he painted for new species he went to meet. He decided to broadcast the jungle symphony through a retro microphone, into which perhaps his favorite performers also sang. Therefore, it is no surprise that Vojkůvka's broadcasts feature his beloved amphibians, ants, beetles, snakes, parrots and small nocturnal primates, who show their vocal talent especially after dark. The painting On the Air was painted by Libor Vojkůvka at the age of 65 and he considered it one of the best paintings he had ever painted.