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Kamil Lhoták (1912 - 1990) A DESERT MACHINE

368 x 230 mm (h x b)

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Lhoták's name has become synonymous with the environment of modern civilisation and its attributes, seen with admiration, poetic interest and a certain amount of romantic nostalgia. However, it is not only about the author's distinct range of themes, his relationship to the neglected, romantic periphery and the most significant carriers of technical civilisation, machines and people, but above all about the poetic atmosphere of his paintings. The work on offer dates from 1966, when the artist exhibited his graphic work from previous years in Hradec Králové in April. In that year it was a single graphic work, very important for Lhoták, as it became one of his symbolic themes in the future - The Desert Machine. The object in the shape of an hourglass appears in this print for the first time in Lhoták's work, in a red and blue combination. This is print 103/150. The work is printed on the title page of Kamil Lhoták's book. The graphic work in the context of his other work and reproduced here on page 289.