Lot 71
Josef Ullmann (1870 - 1922) FIELD BEHIND THE VILLAGE

An der Wende vom 19. auf das 20. Jahrhundert
45 x 66 cm (h x b)

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Artistically, Ullmann was formed by the Chittussi landscape and by the landscape trends of the Art Nouveau movement, with which he was able to become more intimately acquainted in Munich. In 1895 he saw the exhibition of Worpswede artists and their atmospheric, melancholic canvases at the Glaspalast, and thus his earliest works bring together Romantic Realism with decorative Art Nouveau. As his brushwork became more relaxed, the visuals in his paintings became bolder and Ullmann’s technique moved towards larger and smaller spots; the paint is spread dry into the support or piled up in impastos, combining oils and temperas and achieving true technical mastery.