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František Gross (1909 - 1985) A CLIPPER

69,5 x 49,5 cm (h x b)

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Industrial landscapes and nooks and crannies of urban peripheries are among the frequent subjects in František Gross' work. The anthropomorphic movement reflects his impressions of the big city, and in some painting compositions he built entire civilizations from movements. Painter and graphic artist František Gross was one of the leading representatives of Group 42 and the creative group Radar. He graduated from CTU with prof. O. Blažíček and UMPRUM with Prof. F. Kysela, where he also met F. Hudeček, with whom he then formed a long-term friendship. In 1933-34, he became acquainted with surrealism, which, combined with his previous cubist tendencies, became a good background for absurdity and the grotesque. He organized the first exhibition with L. Zívr in his native Nová Paka.