Lot 70
Jaroslav Panuška (1872 - 1958) CONGRESS OF DISEASES

Around 1903
Washed pastel, pencil, cardboard
45 x 62 cm (h x w)
Lower left "Panuška"

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40 000 CZK
   |   1 600 €
Price realized
200 000 CZK
   |   8 000 €
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Jaroslav Panuška completely adopted the virtuoso landscape style from his teacher Julius Mařák, but he significantly deviated from the ranks of his peers with his symbolist-decadent work. Today, this work is one of his most valuable. He painted mysterious dramatic sessions of beings from another world - ghosts, vampires, labyrinths and watermen, but he was also able to visualize the darkest corners of the mind through the personification of fear, death and disease. The work of the Congress of Diseases works only with the jovial relaxation of the participants, who meet as old friends by the pond. Death reaches out to the staggering being and gives instructions as an experienced entertainer. Some observers reveal a familiar landscape - he chose the same venue for his work "Plague" (1903).

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