Lot 138
Karel Černý (1910 - 1960) ON A RIVER

Oil on canvas
45 x 38,5 cm (h x w)
Lower right "K Černý Š 46"

Starting price
250 000 CZK
   |   10 000 €
Price realized
390 000 CZK
   |   15 600 €
price without premium

From the opinion of PhDr.Rey Michalové Ph.D .: "The judged painting" On the River "is an original, motivically rare and artistically brilliantly expressively felt work by Karel Černý, an unmissable solitaire in Czech modern painting which reflected both his subjective feelings and the climate of the time. His creative development was shaped by very intimate experiences and reflections of the environment. In addition to his melancholic character was added a physical disability - a disorder of the spine. His will to overcome all the obstacles and his fate is probably the cause of the unique power of his paintings. Relatively a lot of attention is paid in the literature to the Černý's First Residence in Paris (1946), in our context it is important that he also visited Antwerp at the same time. He wrote about Antwerp: "the steamboats themselves, the ships, the sailors, the taverns, the workers and the night - fantastic." Černý was artistically attracted by tightly shaped shapes, suitable for styling and emphasizing solid linear contours. The ship, transformed into a simplistic sign, represents the presence of man, is loaded with humanizing force and symbolizes the painter's loneliness. "

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