Lot 25

Pottery, faience
5,5 cm (h), Diameter 20 cm

Starting price
150 000 CZK
   |   6 000 €
Price realized
330 000 CZK
   |   13 200 €
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A rare incunabula bowl on a leg from Haban production modeled from molds with ribbed edges. White glazed on both sides, blue, yellow, and green painting, manganese contours. Dated at the bottom of the bowl above the rosette. The analogous bowl is currently housed in the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague, inventory number 669. The plate was part of the famous Austrian Figdor collection in Vienna. Reproduced by: Walcher-Molthein, A.: The German Ceramics of the Figdor Collection. Kunst und Kunsthandwerk 12, 1909, Fig. 58 pp. 42. Published: Pajer, J. Anabaptist Faience from Moravia 1593-1620. Etnos: Strážnice, 2011, p. 76.