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Max Oppenheimer (1885 - 1954) PORTRAIT OF ANTON DVOŘÁK

Oil on cardboard
73 x 53 cm (h x w)

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Portrait of engineer and architect Anton Dvořák by Max Oppenheimer, Austrian painter and graphic artist. Together with Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka, he is considered a key figure in the Austrian avant-garde. His early work mostly presents portraits of cultural and literary elite personalities and is characterized by striking to nervous strokes, which he will later transform into his cubist and futuristic compositions. As a man-oriented Jew, Max Oppenheimer suffered harsh persecutions by the Nazis, who purged Germany in 1937 and removed his paintings from galleries as perverted art. In 1938, Max Oppenheimer fled to New York via Switzerland. The presented work is published in a book by Marie-Agnes von Puttkamer: Max Oppenheimer - MOPP under catalog number 23.