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Josef Gočár (1880 - 1945) (attributed) CUBIST FURNITURE GROUP

beech, glass, metal fittings

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Chairs: 90 x 50 x 51 cm

Armchairs: 86 x 75 x 66 cm

Buffet: 180 x 162 x 70 cm

Showcase: 151.5 x 95 x 38.5 cm

Table: 80.5 x 69.5 cm

Chandelier: 110 x 44 cm


The exceptional dining set with pair of armchairs and a table represents an extremely rare example of the timeless design of one of the most prominent designers and architects of Czech Cubism, Josef Gočár. The dominant feature of the whole ensemble, a massive buffet, with the folding of the lower drawers and doors to the interior, represents Gočár's early Cubist work, an unprecedented synthesis between the departing Art Nouveau in the form of decently decorated fittings and revolutionary Cubism.

Inside the glazed crystalline superstructure, a lock to the display case is ingeniously hidden behind the central door. Six chairs with rounded backs resembling a winged chair with a typical cubist inner bend of the legs. The dining table is a sofa bed. Showcase with three drawers and geometrically designed legs. The design of the pair of armchairs is reminiscent of dining chairs, a perimeter-glazed table and opening tables. In such a form, the preserved unit occurs very rarely. The ensemble comes from a family of descendants of Dr. Trapl, for whom Josef Gočár designed interior equipment. The "robustness" of the furniture is comparable to the furnishing of Josef Gočár's own apartment between 1912-13. Consulted with the great-granddaughter of the architect Josef Gočár, Maria Fiřtová. Newly upholstered, restored. Photographs of the condition before restoration are available.

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