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Daniel Adam z Veleslavína (1546 - 1599) ECCLEASTICAL HISTORY

36 x 25 x 8 cm (h x b x t)

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Danel Adam from Veleslavín was a Czech publisher, writer, bohemian, lexicographer, historian, philosopher, translator, organizer of literary activities, humanist and university pedagogue. His activities greatly influenced Czech literature, so the period when he worked is called the Veleslavín period. The title Church History (Historia cyrkevnj Kassiodora Ržjmského Senátor, called Tripartita) was translated from Latin by Jan Kocín of Kocínet. Title page bicolor, title in red woodcut, verso imperial emblem. Two-column printing, woodcut initials, lines. Two printing marks, the second with the last sheet of the period glued to the back parchment. Total: 394 pages, (7) sheets, 624 pages, (8) sheets. 9 sheets continuously are missing. Parchment blind embossing binding dated to 1595, one metal clip out of two preserved.