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Johan Schultes (1595 - 1645) SURGERY MANUAL

22,5 x 17 x 3 cm (h x b x t)

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Johan Schultes (1595-1645), a surgeon from Ulm, a pupil of the Dutch anatomist van den Spieghel, also practiced in Venice. He described about 300 treatments and explained the use of surgical instruments, especially in war conditions. Thanks to detailed depictions of these instruments, the book paid for the first surgical encyclopedia textbook. Through East Indian society, the author's influence reached Japanese medicine. L´Arcenal de chirurgie. Ouvrage postume... Avec la déscription d´ un monstre humain exposé a Lyon le 5. Mars 1671. A.Cellier, 1674. With copperplate engraving, heraldic decoration and 46 full-page copperplate engravings, 9 sheets, 386 pages, 12 sheets. Period leather binding with dorsal gilded title.