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Ján Jesenský (1566 - 1621) MEDICINE

13,5 x 8 x 2 cm (h x b x t)

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The early edition of the work of the legendary Protestant physician in Prague (1566-1621) deals, among other things, with blood, blood circulation and venous drainage. Now 400 years have passed since his execution, his books do not appear on the market. De sanguine, vena secta, dimisso judicium. Notis et castigationibus ad hodierna et vera Artis Medicae principia accomodatum a Jacobo Pancratio Brunone. Nürnberg, M. and J. F. Endter, 12 sheets, 264 pages, 12 sheets. Hew. sheet with woodcut printing mark, initials, vignette. Period red clip, newer paper binding with dorsal label.