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20,5 x 14,5 x 4,5 cm (h x b x t)

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In addition to the most famous publishing venture of the Ivančík-Kralík printery of the Czech Brothers, the publication of the six-volume Kralická Bible, its most important prints were precisely the cantionals, typographically the most remarkable and most descriptive works, considered the pinnacle of not only the brotherly, but the entire Czech book printing art. The presented copy is the last pre-Belarusian edition of the songbook, only exceptionally represented on the book market due to the minimal circulation. Numerous woodcuts in text, initials, notations, vignettes, hidden monograms, ornaments, emblems, arabesques, page frames, mostly two-column printing, lively title-page. Minor restoration period repairs to several leaves, missing pp. 651-656, index at the end partially trimmed, book block clean, compact. As a whole, a very well-preserved copy in an attractive binding. Hew. sheet, (5) pages, (1) sheet, 704 pages. Four volumes in 1 volume with own engraved title-pages, paginated continuously.