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Jacobus Typotius (1540 - 1601) AN EMBLEM AND SYMBOL BOOK

30,5 x 20 x 6 cm (h x b x t)

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Symbola divina et humana Pontificum, Imperatorum, Regum ... Three parts with own engraved title pages and dating, part 2 1602, part 3 1603. With 148 full-page copper engravings by E. Sadeler, paged continuously, several parts cut out, otherwise well preserved . The richly illustrated heraldic work of the best Rudolfinian engraver Egidius (Jiljí) Sadeler (1570-1629) presents the emblems of European popes and rulers from the Middle Ages to the present in circular copperplate miniatures, which are then described and commented on in the text. It is an extensive emblematic work with great factual and artistic value. Later leather binding with one preserved spindle clasp.