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1. Hälfte des 17. Jahrhunderts
51 x 158 x 53 cm (h x b x t)

35 000 CZK
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Impressive Mannerist chest with rich figural and floral carving dominated by paired heads of rams. The central carved panel features a carving with so-called grotesque ornamentation, which came into use during the Renaissance period when ancient Roman palaces with stylised fresco decoration were uncovered: after their discovery in the cave, they are referred to as stile grottesco (translated as cave). This type of ornamentation is characterised by the condensation of human bodies joined to those of animals (eagle and ram) by means of acanthus leaf scrolls, which are never completely topped. The sides of the chest have wrought iron handles, inside there is an original lock. Excellent preserved condition. The offered chest comes from an important Czech collection.