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Václav Radimský (1867 - 1946) SUMMER LANDSCAPE WITH HAY WAGON

1908 - 1910
71,5 x 98,5 cm (h x b)

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From the expert opinion of PhDr. Naděžda Blažíčková Horová: "The presented painting was created between 1908 - 1910, i.e. in the peak period of Radimský's work. At that time, Radimský was already living in Giverny, in Goulet near Vernon, where he bought the old La Bergamotte mill and had it rebuilt according to his ideas and wishes , he set up a studio there, he had a boat moored on the Seine, which he used as a floating studio and in which, according to family tradition, he sometimes painted together with Monet. In Giverny, Radimský created a large collection of shots of the Seine River in different seasons. Presented natural the shot proves how Radimský was able to impress a simple landscape subject with an impressive atmosphere, in a brilliant way and basically with only three colors."