Lot 24

Around 1880
Oil on canvas
24 x 36,5 cm (h x w)

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180 000 CZK
   |   7 059 €
Price realized
180 000 CZK
   |   7 059 €
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Forest Landscape with Avifauna in Winter is an exceptional and authentic work by Antonín Chittussi. The advanced painting technique, overall composition and emphasis on a specific mood of the landscape most likely dates this painting to the period following the painter’s arrival in France. As explained in the expert assessment by Prof. PhDr. Roman Prahl, CSc: “... the light and color of twilight is very characteristic for this painter ...  Likewise, the motif of birds flying overhead as well as the winter period appear frequently in his work.” Antonín Chittussi’s impressive and inimitable painting point to his sensitive approach to the landscape and his roots in the plein air masters of the Barbizon school.

The grandson of a trader from Ferrara, Italy, Chittussi studied at the academies in Prague, Munich, Vienna and Paris. From 1879 he worked in Paris. He primarily focused on outdoor landscape painting and he earned acclaim for his work exhibited at the Salon. Already during his lifetime he was considered Bohemia’s leading modern landscape artist with an international perspective. His first collected exhibition was held in  Prague in 1885.

Restoration report: Pavel Blatný, MFA and restoration expert