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Milada Marešová (1901 - 1987) AT THE LIDO

50 x 67,5 cm (h x b)

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After 1924, Milada Marešová began to devote herself fully to art and captured the atmosphere of the city in various forms, seeking the presence of people, the subway, parks, cafes and, in this case, swimming pools. The pivotal work Na plovárně is one of the iconic representatives of her lyrical and dreamy manuscript with elements of magical realism and strong reflections on social issues. She captures the atmosphere of the big city in various forms, seeks out the presence of people, subways, parks, cafes and manifests in the painting her somewhat melancholic worldview. With remarkable credibility, she captures in that great swarm the loneliness of an individual who has to live in reality but never ceases to dream.The women in Milady Marešová's paintings often look to the viewer and challenge him to try to look into their thoughts. The work Na plovárně is undoubtedly one of the uniqueness on the auction market and has also become the face of a monograph: Milada Marešová: a painter of a new reality. An interesting fact is the tangible structure of the sand, which is part of the beach painting.


2008 - Brno, Moravian Gallery; 2015 - Litomyšl Municipal Gallery; 2015 - Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie Regensburg; 2016 - Landesgalerie Linz