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Stanislav Sucharda (1866 - 1916) AN ART NOUVEAU RELIEF

Kolem 1905
34 x 49 cm (h x b)

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   |   612 EUR
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This exceptional relief with the motif of a female nude in an impressively expressive position is the work of the important Czech sculptor Stanislav Sucharda; it is a synthesis of the artist's lyrical sensibility with Art Nouveau organic morphology. In addition to large monuments (such as the František Palacký Monument in Prague), he also concentrated on smaller works and reliefs. In 1915 Sucharda became the first professor of the medal design school at the Prague Academy. The work on offer shows inspiration from the famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin, who had an exhibition in Prague in 1902. Adjusted in an oak patinated frame. Signed lower right.