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František Drtikol (1883 - 1961) NEGATIVE PHOTOGRAPH

um 1920
26,7 x 20,9 cm (h x b)

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From the expert opinion of Stanislav Doležal: "The presented glass photographic plate with the motif of a lying female nude represents one of several compositions that Drtikol created with the given model. It is a work created in Drtikol's famous Prague studio in Vodičkova Street. Some of the interesting compositions with this model are published in František Drtikol, Stages of Life and Photographic Work / Art Nouveau - Art Deco - Abstraction (2012). Drtikol's work was dominated by the theme of the face and, in a sense, the vision of the female body, which he processed in various stylistic variations. In the woman's body he saw the bearer of all beauty as well as thoughts and soul. The assessed photographic plate is Drtikol's original work and represents one of the preserved negatives that documents his way of creation. "