Lot 93
Rudolf Bém (1874 - 1955) NUDE BY THE MIRROR

68 x 49 cm (h x b)

18 000 CZK
   |   735 EUR

The method of painting The act at the mirror and the color used belong to the genre of the Art Nouveau act. It is made very decently and the body portrayed is characterized by liveliness and sophisticated realistic modeling, enhancing the feminine curves of the lady in front of the mirror. A lady who tries on clothing accessories in front of a mirror gives the impression that the painter's attention does not disturb her at all. Rudolf Bém already as a student at the Academy of Fine Arts with prof. Hynais series of awards. He was a member of the Mánes Association and the Union of Fine Artists, and his paintings were purchased by five ministries. He found favor with a number of important and cultural figures, whom he also often portrayed. After the establishment of an independent Czechoslovak state, he decided to fundamentally change his artistic life. In 1919, he adopted the name Vratislav Hlava out of patriotic motives.