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Alfons Mucha (1860 - 1939) SITTING HALF-NUDE

29 x 45 cm (h x b)

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The casually leaning beauty, drapery and format suggest Mucha's life, his admiration for female beauty and his work with light and color. Alfons Maria Mucha was a Czech painter, graphic artist and designer of the Art Nouveau period. He was born in Ivančice in Moravia into the family of a court employee as the fourth of six children. He studied in Munich and Paris, where he subsequently settled in 1887 and worked as an illustrator and graphic artist. A breakthrough in his career occurred when he created a poster for the latest game with Sarah Bernhardt - Gismond. Alfons Mucha's artistic style caused a complete sensation and is still sought after for its decorativeness and tasteful neoclassical vision of female beauty.