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Václav Boštík (1913 - 2005) A WINDOW TO DEPTHS

61 x 57 cm (h x b)

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According to Jiří Šetlík, from whose collection the work comes, Window to the Depths is a magnificent work by Boštík. It is said to be one of his insights into the universe, in which he saw God's great work. "Boštík was deeply religious and was convinced that the creation itself transcends absolutely everything. The color layers in his vision enter the white space, so to speak, and control the whole space. And I have such a strange memory about it, that when I went - quite often - to Václav, I never dared to ask anything of him, but once I came and Václav had this painting ready and wrapped. And he simply told me that it is not easy with this painting, arm yourself , but this is what I prepared for you and I would like you to have it at home. Not so that you have something from me, but so that you have something to think about the universe and about the existence of humanity. So I took it, and so I think about it."

Published: Šetlík, J., Vrba, T.: Jiří Šetlík: They accompany me through life. Museum of Art and Design Benešov, 2019. p. 21, 26, 30.