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Emil Orlik (1870 - 1932) RECLINING NUDE

Anfang d. 20. Jahrhunderts
46 x 75,5 cm (h x b)

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The work of Czech-German artists of the first half of the 20th century was long ignored by Czech literature and therefore by the public for political reasons. However, the situation has changed since 1989 and interest in this area is growing significantly, which brings many positive surprises. An example of a painter valued in Germany and rediscovered in this country is Emil Orlik. The painting on offer is an outstanding piece of his early work. It shows clear signs of the fashionable Japonism of the time, but in this case based on direct contact with Japanese art. In 1900, Orlik stayed in Japan, where he studied specifically the technique of woodcut and transferred the lessons of Japanese aesthetics not only into his famous prints, but also into his paintings. Orlik's works from this period are among the most sought after.