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Vincent Sellaer (1490 - 1544) (zugeschrieben) ALLEGORIE DER PERFEKTEN LIEBE

ca. 1540
140 x 109 cm (h x b)

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Vincent Sellaer excelled among Flemish painters in his ability to combine Flemish and Italian influences into monumental allegorical works. It is believed that his refined manuscript was influenced by two main Italian traditions - Lombard-Leonardian, represented by Moretto da Brescia and Girolamo Romani, and Florentine-Roman, namely represented by Andrea del Sarto and Rafael Santi's school. The work is marked: "PERFECTA CHARITAS / FORAS MITTIT / TIMOREM / IOH, ACA". The designation refers to the biblical text - IOH - John, First Epistle of John: "Love does not know fear, perfect love dispels fear, for fear causes torment, and he who fears has not perfected in love." Love - charitas, belongs to the seven Christian virtues, Vincent Sellaer portrayed her in the traditional form of a naked woman surrounded by children, similar to, for example, Lucas Cranach. The theme of charitas is one of the author's iconical. Restored.

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