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Vor 1450
113 cm (h)

350 000 CZK
   |   14 000 EUR
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1 100 000 CZK
   |   44 000 EUR
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The statue of the Madonna and Child in the fading "beautiful style", also known in Germany as the soft style (weicher stil), which was represented in Bohemia, for example, by Master Theodoric. The most important Czech period statues of the Madonna from the Gothic period were created in this style. The beautiful style connects the sensory side with the content message and creates a cultivated concept in painting and sculpture - the figures are shrouded in richly pleated drapery, esophageal bends and the typical face is lively and noble. In changing daylight, it often appears to be expressively variable. The legacy of French Gothic is reflected here in the dynamic play of light and shadow in the folds of clothing. The Madonna carries on the hands of Jesus, who holds an apple - an attribute of sovereign power. She is dressed in a gold cloak with a blue background, with a crown on her head. The finely drawn faces of both figures are lined with contrasting detailed carvings of wavy hair, in the case of Mary partially covered by a veil. The sculpture is in very good condition and with the original polychromy.

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