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1. Hälfte des 18. Jahrhunderts
35,5 x 25 cm (h x b)

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The cabinet still life comes from the calm period of Hirschely's work, when the author does not use luxury objects and expensive mannerist vases to compose still lifes, but arranges live flowers in simple glass flasks to highlight their natural beauty. When painting floral still lifes, Hirschely emphasized the aesthetic tone of the work. The painter created a rich mannerist arrangement with strong color tones appearing in the foreground and tried to meet the requirements of the time for the archaization of form. Later, he devoted himself to other motifs in his work, such as fruits and birds. The botanical composition of the bouquets often went beyond one season. In one case, they control the color range of red chrysanthemums and yellow feather tulip. In the background are small-flowered daffodils and deep blue Aquilegias. In second case around the central motif of a variegated tulip with delicate petals, the author concentrates carefully selected variations of daffodils, Aquilegias, iris, rose and amaryllis. Works consulted with PhDr. Hana Seifertová.

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