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Jaroslav Panuška (1872 - 1958) IN THE REEDS

45 x 62 cm (h x b)

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Panuška clung to his love of nature for a lifetime and began painting simple motifs from the open countryside at the Prague Academy around 1893. After two decades of inclination to symbolism, on which well-known fairy-tale and haunting scenes emanate, after 1920 he again focused on motifs from the Czech countryside. The landscape of the reeds presented here also comes from this area of creation, which very convincingly evokes the reed-covered and wind-driven shore of the pond. Panuška is considered to be the most original student of Mařák's famous school, who in his work combines an older realistic tradition with more modern impressionist painting techniques. It is a significant follow-up to Antonín Chittussi, whose paintings often depict ponds, wetlands and meadows.