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Jan Zrzavý (1890 - 1977) YELLOW BARGE

28 x 30 cm (h x b)

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Jan Zrzavý significantly influenced the development of our modern culture with his authentic creative imagination, in which he connected the Czech line of spiritual lyricism with European modernism. Very soon he found his own way of expression, which mirrors the phenomenal reality indirectly, in elaborate signs and symbols. Jan Zrzavý's sensory landscapes are a direct reflection of the facts and impressions that his travels left in him. Jan Zrzavý composes his own spiritual landscape, the landscape of "peace in eternal movement" and the search for the meaning of existence, where he came to a positive answer - understanding, humbleness and acceptance. The colorful shells of the silent barges have become strange beings in Red's imagination - messengers of human dreams that inhabit a landscape dotted with large, heavy boulders. The theme of the barges on the coast and the water surface, which belongs to Zrzavý's most famous, legendary motifs, depicted in the presented painting, was the artistic result of the captivating nature of the region of the sea, stones and lights - Brittany. From his memory, Jan Zrzavý creates a lyrical world beyond the reach of the everyday world and preserves valuable experiences in it. The yellow barge carries a certain vital energy that acts like a washed-up treasure on the beach under a cloudy sky. It brings a message of hope, life and sun in the middle of dusk. Dedicated to Vilém Kafka, expert opinion by PhDr. J. Orlíková.